Tuolumne County is the best part of the Golden State.  Not only the best part of the State, but the Country as well!

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Natural Resources

Tuolumne County is blessed with significant natural resources in such amounts and variety that we have the ability to provide for our county and for others.  

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Professional Experience

  • Cal Poly Graduate
  • Outdoor Education Camp Director
  • DOD Contractor
  • Experience with Private and Public Agencies

Vast Experience as both the Employee and Employer

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a better way

I'm optimistic about the future of our county.  We need to work together to create opportunities and encourage economic solutions that lead to living wage jobs.  Those types of jobs mean families will be able to live and work in Tuolumne County.  With creative thinking, hard work and tough decisions we can reduce the obstacles that have stalled recovery. Tuolumne County has unlimited potential on the horizon.

--Sherri Brennan

It has been wonderful getting out and meeting so many new people over the last few months.  There have been many events to attend, and we had a Spaghetti Dinner October 7, a great turnout!   I will still be out walking all over District 1, I look forward to meeting you.

10-19-2012 - We had a wonderful time last night going through down town Sonora shopping!  We met a lot of great people and enjoyed the hospitality of the businesses.  Our event ended at the Historic Sugg House where tours were given and history shared.  I really appreciate all of your support, thank you for coming out last night!


Working Together

It is imperative that our county attract business and industry that will provide current and future residents with the ability to earn a family wage.  In order for our schools, roads department, and health and safety infrastructure to be financially stable, we need a tax base that can support them.

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The USA is the greatest importer of Lumber.

Public Lands

Did you know that Tuolumne County is 73% State & Federal land?


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